Tribal Textile TC35 – Mans Shoulder or Hip Cloth, Hinggi

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Tribal Textile TC35 is a beautiful Man’s Shoulder or Hip Cloth or Hinggi

Early 20th century

From the Island of Sumba in Indonesia

This Hinggi would have been woven as a prestige garment

Worn as formal attire by Sumba men at important ceremonies or events

Sumba is renowned for its technically accomplished and visually dramatic textiles

Cotton Ikat Dyed – using natural dyes mainly morinda

This textile would have been worn by male royalty at the village level

The horse motif is repeated in the cloth, depicting the male royals riding horses















These textiles were worn in matched sets, one Hinggi around the hips and a second aroudn the shoulders

The cotton dyed Hinggi were an indispensable component of ceremonial gift exchange

Sumba textiles tend to be syncretic and heavily indebted to imported imagery fro early trade and interaction amongt South East Asian island archipelaoes

A few outlying islands such as Sumba retained a relatively homogeneous population and had little economic potential in the eyes of trading Europeans

As a result Sumba retained its cultural integrity and the weavers were able to preserve trade pattern that were introduced in a Hindu-Buddhist context over a thousand years ago

This textiles shows important narratice pertaining to global trade, encounter and dynamic innovation in the arts of this region







Approx size 224 cm x 122 cm


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