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Red Underwing Moth

Red Underwing Moth

Catocala nupta

This is one of the larger British Moths, which I observed resting on my barn door on a sunny Summer’s Day. In order to identify this moth I photographed it and was immediately struck by the delicate beauty of its pale grey wings and the intricacy of its undulating markings. However, in order to open the door I was forced to disturb it and was amazed by the stunning display of its red and black coloured underwings

web Red Underwing Moth

This fabulous moth is quite common in much of England and Wales, and its range is gradually increasing northwards

Found in woodland, parkland, scrub, riverbanks and gardens

Look out for it now. It is on the wing in August and September

The larvae feed on Willow, Salix and Poplar, Populus

webed underwing catocala nupta
Photo Iain Leach

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