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Moths Have A Good Sense Of Direction

Moths Have A Good Sense Of Direction


Web Deaths Head Hawkmoth in Flight by Holger Kirk
Death’s Head Hawkmoth in Flight by Holger Kirk


New research by German scientists has revealed that Moths know where to go and have a strong sense of direction, even adapting to weather conditions

The migration of butterflies is well studied, but not so much is know about moth migration. Although moths are related to butterflies, the majority are active at night. Annually moths migrate and mostly in the dark so many of us have never seen moths during migration and it is possible that some of the moths you see in your garden have travelled huge distances

This recent study used tiny trackers on the back of giant moths and followed them by plane. Even when the wind changed the moths remained on a direct course. These flight paths suggest that the Death’s Head Hawkmoths have complex navigational skills, challenging earlier ideas. The Death’s Head Hawkmoth arrives in Europe each Spring and a new generation returns to the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa in the Autumn

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