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Butterfly New Red List

Butterfly New Red List

Butterfly Red List

Over half of all British Butterflies have been placed on the latest UK Red List 

Time is running out for some of Britain’s butterflies with a 26% increase in the number threatened with extinction

Two new species have been added for the first time, The Scotch Argus is now listed as Vulnerable and the Dark Green Fritillary is  listed as Near Threatened

Scotch Argus
Scotch Argus


Dr Richard Fox, Head of Science for Butterfly Conservation, says ‘Shockingly, half of Britain’s remaining butterfly species are listed as threatened or Near Threatened on the new Red List…Even prior to this new assessment, British butterflies were among the most threatened in Europe. While some species have become less threatened, and a few have even dropped off the Red List, the overall increase clearly demonstrates that the deterioration of the status of British butterflies continues apace’

Climate change and habitat loss are to blame, but the report is not all bad news and demonstrates that we can save butterflies if we help them to thrive. For example the Large Blue Butterfly, which was extinct over 40 years ago, has been reintroduced and is now classified at Near Threatened


large blue butterfly
Large Blue Butterfly Photograph by Pete Withers


Candida Hopkinson



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