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Looking After Your Leather

Advice for looking after your leather depends on what type of leather you have.  The are three main categories – thick, medium and thin leathers.People always want to clean leather but this is not always the best idea – feeding leather is what is really important and this is what you should concentrate upon.  If you have to clean then feed before you do it.  Cleaning leather can be damaging as you are removing the natural oils which help to keep the leather supple

Firstly for thick leathers – such as gun or cartridge cases or old leather suit cases I would recommend our delicious red gunk called Ko Cao Line.  Liberally smeer this all over your leather and leave it alone for as long as you can, you probably won’t want to go near it anyway for sometime!  This delicious red gunk will slowly seep into your leather, replenishing lost oils and restoring the lustre to the grain of the leather.

For medium leathers which would include gun slings, cartridge bags, belts and other leather bags, I would use our Care For Cream – this can be applied generously all over your leather and being a liquid it will be absorbed rapidly restoring the leather’s natural oils and lustre.

Finally for fine leathers including leather bindings,  picture frames, clock cases, wallets etc.. we use our tried and tested Care For Cream, as a liquid it can be applied very carefully with a paintbrush without harming the surface patina of fine leather.

For those serious ramblers who refuse to embrace the gortex revolution and stick to their much loved leather boots,  we have Fiebings Mink Oil – don’t ask what its made from but it works – waterproofing and conditioning all at once.

For our 200 year old Russian Reindeer Leather, we have Scandinavian Leather Dressing , a traditional leather dressing made specially for this, the Stradivarius of all Leathers, Scandinavian Leather Dressing contains all the ingredients that this leather likes to devour, with lanolin, bees wax, linseed and birch oil, it will revive and nourish.

We make and source beautiful things from natural materials

We are specialists in hand made Leather goods including studded Dog Collars and wallets from 200 year old Russian Reindeer Leather; offering for sale a range of ethical tailored Clothing and wool knitwear and a collection of useful but beautiful Homeware made from HornLeatherWool: old and new Welsh blankets and textiles; Slate and Wood . As well as an eclectic selection of one-off collectibles in our Originals section

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