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Athene English and Welsh Blankets

Known as the blanket lady, Athene English has become an authority on old welsh textiles. Through her own private collection of antique textiles and her passion for the subject Athene has collected an impressive selection of old welsh textiles for sale.

With over 500 vintage Welsh wool blankets or carthenni to choose from, the shop sells early narrow loom examples, antique tapestries, Welsh plaid blankets, vintage fringed throws and old nursing shawls.

The welsh blanket or carthen as it is called in Welsh literally translates as a sheet of cloth. But through common usage it has come to mean a welsh blanket or bedcover

These are old textiles and we carefully check the condition of each blanket or carthen before offering it for sale. The blankets are washed in a natural wool wash and treated with our own anti moth and wool tonic, then restored if necessary, and only then offered for sale

For centuries weaving has carried on in Wales and relied on an economy based on sheep farming. Many of the mills were small, single-family operations which used wool drawn from the immediate locality . The mills operated a sort of barter system with the local sheep farmers, in exchange for fleeces, the mill owners would trade flannel, blankets and knitting yarn. With the industrial revolution certain mills became mechanised in the 19th century, eventually employing up to 100 people, whilst others remained cottage industries. Most were self sufficient in that they carded, dyed, spun, wove and finished all their own products

The Great English Outdoors is committed to promoting the work of the Welsh woollen industry. For over a decade we have sourced and stocked blankets or carthenni and accessories made in the few remaining Welsh woollen mills

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